L Co., our studio's company, is an opportunity for serious dancers to develop their technical skills at a more advanced level while creating lasting friendships and participating in team building experiences.  Dancers achieve a higher level of physical fitness, with specific attention to technique, strength, and flexibility.  Company members learn dance terminology, proper alignment, and develop a strong work ethic.  Many travel and performance opportunities are available, as well as, Workshops and Master Classes.  

*To be a part of our Company, auditions are required.*


Little Lambs

Ages 6-8

Beginner to Intermediate level dancers who train 3 hours per week in Ballet, Combo, and other styles.

Lamb Chops

Ages 8-10

Intermediate level dancers who train a minimum of 4 hours per week in Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, and other styles.


Juniors 10+/Seniors 14+

Advanced level dancers who train a minimum of 7 hours per week in Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, and other styles.


Questions about joining our company? Schedule a private meeting with Studio Directors Alexa & Melanie. Take the opportunity to get to know them, visit the studio, and learn more about our program.

L Co. FAQs

Does your company attend competitions?

We consider competitions to be additional performance opportunities. While we do attend competitions throughout the season, our primary focus is training our dancers both at the studio and through various Convention, Intensive, and Master Class/Workshop opportunities.


How many hours a week to company members train?

Company members between 6-9 years old train about 5 hours per week (including rehearsals). Members 9+ yrs old train 7+ hours a week. Hours will vary depending on additional classes and how many dances in which you participate.

Do you allow your dancers to attend Workshops/Intensives outside of the studio?

100%! We train our dancers to embrace new opportunities and versatility. Our company members are encouraged to attend as many Intensive or Workshop opportunities available to them regardless of their location.

What styles are company members required to take?

Company members between 6-9 years old must take Ballet, Contemporary, and a class of their choice. Members 9+ yrs old must take 2 Ballet classes, Technique, Contemporary, Jazz, and Leaps & Turns. All other styles are optional. We have an unlimited class program available to our company members.

Do you bring in guest artists?

Absolutely! We host an annual Summer Workshop Series during which we host up to 8 different guest artists! We host guest artists for one-time Master Classes throughout the season! Our company members are also offered the opportunity for choreography from guest artists!

How many competitions do you attend per season?

Our dancers participate in 1 convention, 3 regional competitions, and 1 Nationals event per season. We offer many additional convention & competition opportunities--the dancers can perform 5-10 times per season!

Do I need to have competition experience to audition?

While it's great if you do, you are not required to have past competition experience to audition. Our Faculty will train you to the best dancer you can be!

Are there other performance opportunities besides competition?

Yes! We love to include non-competitive performances. In the past we have performed with Joe Jonas, at NJ Devils and NY Mets games, Matawan Day, and more!

Are new members considered for solos, group dance featured roles, and guest choreography?

Yes! All of our company members audition for all routines each season. When casting, our decisions are made based on that audition. We focus on technique, ability to pick up choreography, work ethic, passion, professionalism, and the age groups/concepts of the routines. All dancers are considered eligible at the time of audition.

Do you use custom costumes?

Yes we do! We work with our choreographers to create costumes that will bring the theme/concept to life. The designs are sketched, fabrics and embellishments selected, and costumes are tailored to fit our dancers perfectly.

Do you have to wear specific clothes to class?

Our company members must wear the L Co. apparel to their weekly Technique classes. For all other classes, dancers must follow the Dress Code established for the studio. For competition & convention awards, members wear specific L Co. apparel chosen heading into the weekend.


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